I Killed The Hero

Fan Art

Welcome to the Fan Art Section of I Killed the Hero?!


This piece is from Kara of Songs of Far Aethirim!


This piece is from TheMario360 of Thomas and Zachary!


This piece is from Ehooton of Anvynn!


This piece is from Clanjack Farlo of Comatose!



This piece is from Ruxin of Immigrant!


An I Killed the Hero + Psych Mash-Up from Bender Spam_Bot! 

This piece is from Seabiscuit of Wastelanders Anonymous!

This piece is from Deadfish! Ludwig's standing firm! 


This piece is from Skweeee of Piper's Song! Ludwig rests after a hard won battle! 


Miranda's looking real SWEET in this fan art from Stever! 


Mr. Pudge is looking a little uncomfortable in this awesome fanart by Melaredblu! 


RandomNPC graces us a positively GORGEOUS portrait of the Demon Queen, Lady Nyx! 


The Quiller blesses us with an excellent guest strip that captures the heart and soul of IKtH! 


Stever captures a moment of sheer bliss for the Demon King! 

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